We are excited to introduce Ethical Tickets, a platform that connects event organizers with a database of acts, musicians, bands, theater, dance, circus, festival standards, venues, stages, catering, and market stalls. Our mission is to support sustainable and ethical practices in the event industry, while also making it easier for event organizers to find and book the talent and resources they need.

By signing up for Ethical Tickets, you can join our database of event resources and make your information available to organizers who are looking for acts like yours. Whether you are a musician, band, theater group, circus act, or caterer, Ethical Tickets can help you reach a wider audience and find new opportunities to perform and showcase your talents.

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At Ethical Tickets, we believe in supporting sustainable and ethical practices in the event industry. By joining our platform, you are not only gaining access to new opportunities but also supporting a mission-driven organization that is dedicated to creating a more sustainable and equitable world.

Thank you for considering Ethical Tickets as a platform for your talents and resources. We look forward to helping you connect with event organizers and reach new heights in your career.